Most recruiters will tell you that they prefer to work with a company/client on a consistent and continuous basis, rather than making 1 or 2 placements and moving on to another client.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Getting to know a company

When we initially start dealing with a new company, we really don’t know too much about them. Yes, we can read up all about the company but, because we are dealing with people (candidates), we need the “inside” info. That is what enables us to sell your company to them. These include the soft issues, such as company culture, management style, growth opportunities and the like. We get this information from candidates, that we have already placed with you, when we do follow-ups with them. We are then able to tell a potential candidate “I placed a candidate there 6 months ago and he/she says……”  Candidates really like to hear what the current employees of the company have to say. Before they even attend the interview, they can already be totally sold on the opportunity. However, this does not happen overnight. The more we work with a company, the better we get to know them and the better we can “sell” them to a candidate.

2. Building a Relationship

Equally, when we get to know the manager(s) we are dealing with, we also get a better and better understanding of the type of candidate he/she is looking for, not only in terms of skills, but also in terms of personality fit, culture fit and such. In time, this enables us to send only “perfect” candidates, whom we know you will like, because we know you so well. This makes your life so much easier – fewer candidates to see and all are a good fit, giving you a real choice of candidates, instead of seeing 3 or 4 candidates and, although the skills are a fit, the rest of the candidate is not. A waste of your precious time.

3. Offering you the Best Candidates

Once we have built a nice rapport with a company and the managers, we will always let you know when we have a candidate available that would be perfect for your environment and you will know that this is not just another “sell”. There is, of course, no obligation on your side, but wouldn’t it be nice to at least know about a good candidate every time one is available?

4. Working Together

Each time you work with someone new, both parties need to get a feel for how the other person does things, what to expect, when to expect it, in what format it will be presented, etc. Working continuously with 1 person, makes life so much easier. You know exactly how your consultant will be working with you and he/she knows exactly what to expect from your side, without hassling you 10 times a day. A much smoother recruiting process.

5. Bending over Backwards

When a recruiter is dealing with a company/client on a consistent basis, that client becomes very important to him/her and he/she will bend over backwards to accommodate you in any way they can. Recruiters see good clients as colleagues, if you will. They feel that they are part of your company and want to do their absolute best to help you.

If you have not yet built a good relationship with any particular recruiter and are working with a lot of recruiters all the time, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate and choose one or two recruitment partners. Stick with them for a while and take the “pain” out of recruitment!

(c) Wilma Gerber 2016