YUP…. It’s “Silly Season”


What’s my definition of Silly Season?… This time of year, “end November to mid December”. It’s just before the long holiday of which you have been dreaming since like the 10th of January…. You feel exhausted, overworked and underpaid….  You are so over this year already and you find yourself wishing time away.


But don’t fear…. Jes is here and I have your Survival Guide to the Silly Season of 2016… 


1st Put it in Perspective:We all get it, we’re all in it together. This silly season will pass without you in the middle of it. Think about it… it’s actually just another working day that you need to get through like all the others. Work your usual techniques to keep your brain on the right track. If the silliness hits – Delay, Distract & Breath.


Visualise: Visualise yourself at the end of a successful workday, climbing into bed, satisfied with your daily accomplishments. Visualise yourself waking up in the morning, happy and proud, with no stress from the previous day hanging over your head. Now visualise how great the feeling will be when you are lying on the beach, sipping cocktails, with no worries of work that has not been done…. AMAZING!!!!


Just get it Done and Dusted: Work, work, work!!! Work even harder than what you have worked this whole year, work until you are done with whatever you still have to do  or want to do, whether it is catching up on filing and admin or even calling a client to follow up on how they are doing.


Plan: Plan your calendar and “To Do” list for next year. Strategize and make sure that you will be ready to get started when you get back. Make sure that there is absolutely nothing that can sneak up on you while you are relaxing over the holidays.


Stay Positive:  Don’t let your brain bombard you with the ‘I am so exhausted’ and ‘Woe-is-Me’ thoughts. Remember, what you are doing!!! And even if it sucks right now, you are heading for a much happier relaxing holiday and much more organized new year.


“Fake it till you Make It, Baby”: Even if you’re feeling tired and exhausted, then slap a smile on your face and put a spring in your step. Act like you’re going to have a fabulous last couple of work days and who knows – you might just have a fabulous and very successful last couple of work days!


Look Around: Everyone has stuff going on in their work lives. Everyone is as pre-occupied with their stuff, as you are with yours. Take a good look around and imagine what is going on for your colleagues. Thinking outside of myself helps calm me down, recognizing that others are battling away, in their own way, helps me get perspective, and being kind and understanding to others, helps me feel strong.


Remember you are Not Alone: There are many thousands of us around the country and the world who are battling through this silly season. Picture yourself surrounded by palm trees lying on the beach, sipping cocktails….


Finally: Make the last working days of this year your best working days of this year… And go out with a BANG!!


(c) Jesica Liebenberg 2016