How do you know if your job is really for you?
In our modern world we rush by everyday trying to get through the day, the week, the month and the year. We spend more than 80% of our day in the office with fellow colleagues, talking to clients and doing our day to day business.
If you had to ask yourself… “Am I happy in my job?”, what will your 1st answer be? And in terms of “happy”, I am referring to the following questions: “Do I go home feeling satisfied and happy about my day?” “Have I learned something new today?” “Have I talked to someone new today?” Whatever it is that makes you feel happy and satisfied at the end of your work day. Of course you will not feel “happy” each and every single day, but if you don’t feel like that at least 3 out of your 5 average working days, you have a problem!
Why do you have a problem? Let me explain: Think about the days that you felt good about yourself, happy, satisfied and exhausted all at the same time (these are your happy days). Then compare this feeling to the days where you kind of wish that you never got out of bed and never went to the office in the first place, because nothing went according to plan (your bad days). At the end of each different day it makes a huge difference, doesn’t it? Especially to your loved ones waiting for you at home, whether it’s your family or your pet –  it makes a difference to them.
We all try and leave business at work and personal stuff at home, but the fact is, we are all just human and no matter how hard we try, our good and bad days will come through in some way or another. For instance, you might be very loving towards your loved ones or very snappy with them.
Which brings me to my point…
At the end of your life, when you lay your head down, you will not be remembered as a good or hard worker, you will be remembered by your family for being a beloved.
We spend 80% of our day at the office. Try your best to make sure that when choosing a new job, you choose the job that will give you more than 3 out of 5 happy days!!! And if you are in a position where you feel unhappy and are unable to change positions/offices/workload etc. then make a plan and figure out a way to change your current working environment, so that it works for you.
Be happy in your working environment and see the change in your family’s happiness!!!


(c) Jesica Liebenberg 2016