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Financial Planning

In association with GCI Wealth


RAW IT has decided to partner up with GCI Wealth which is one of the most amazing Wealth and Investment companies in South Africa.

Our clients and candidates are now able to speak to GCI regarding any Financial Planning that they might need such as moving Pension Finds or Provident Funds after resignation or retirement.

We encourage you to read through the information below and if you are in need of any advice then please do get in touch with a GCI Advisor at rawit@gci.co.za.

You are also welcome to contact RAW IT on 011 795 0300 and we will then put you in touch with the correct person at GCI.

About GCI Wealth


GCI Wealth is a boutique financial planning and investment group dedicated to ensuring that your most certain and greatest risk, retirement, is achieved safely, securely and comfortably whilst at the same time addressing the potential lifestyle interrupters that may affect your hard-earned retirement capital.

All that we do revolves around our clients.

We offer tailor-made, integrated financial planning solutions for high net worth individuals and affluent investors with integrity, service excellence and performance our loyal clients have grown to expect.

GCI Financial Planning


Retirement Planning – The GCI Difference + Tools And Products

Retirement is the greatest and most certain risk that we all face. Our definition of retirement is having the time and money to fulfill your dreams, yet less than 10% of people will ever reach this goal!


GCI Wealth, as an expert in retirement planning, enables our clients to maintain their standard of living throughout retirement (while taking into account inflation and unforeseen events, which could materially affect their retirement capital) in order for them to retire safely, securely and profitably.

Highly qualified Client Portfolio Managers, together with the use of our proprietary retirement software, will structure and implement your plan using a combination of local and offshore investments and tools that effectively prevent the “Interruptors” from destroying your capital.

Tools that we may make use of in your plan could include:

Capital Accumulation
  • Pension and Provident Funds
  • Retirement Annuities (Private Pension) Funds
  • Preservation Funds
  • Living and Life Annuities
  • Portfolio Management
  • Local Discretionary Investments, e.g. unit trusts
  • QROPS (International Pensions)
  • Offshore Discretionary Investments
Interruptors Prevention
  • Medical Aids/Health Insurance
  • Severe Illness Insurance
  • Cover for Premature Death
  • Disability and Income Protection

In a world where your speed of implementation determines your level of success, we offer to make your initial consultation with a GCI Wealth Client Portfolio Manager complimentary.

The initial consultation alone is guaranteed to add value to your financial life. Contact GCI Wealth today to secure your appointment.


Get In Touch

If you would like to know more or would like to speak to one of the Advisors at GCI then please email rawit@gci.co.za with any queries.

You are also welcome to contact Rudi Stols on 011 795 0300 to find out more.