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How To Regain Top Performers Back Into Your Organization


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  • Date Added: 11 May 2016


When we lose a good client do we just let them go and never try and regain them? No…or at least it should be “no.” In business it is important to try and regain lost clients. The same principles should apply when we lose good productive people or top performing salespeople and marketers.

This article is number 3 of a series of 4 articles I am writing for RAW IT, one of the greatest clients I have worked with. It is on How To Regain Top Performers Back Into Your Organization.

Regain Description

  • This person will have written a large amount of business in the past or was a great producer in a department in the past and has left our company.
  • It could be a past or lost relationship with this person who we see as still valuable. We have to possibly start at, or below, ground zero and move this past employee into the “Attraction” Stage and then on into the other Stages.
  • Because of the amount of potential business this person could write or their high level of productivity they are capable of we recognise that it is worth a significant effort to try to Regain this person back into our company or team.

Regain Strategies / Tactics / Actions

Treat Them Well On The Way Out:

A good Regain Strategy starts the moment someone decides to resign.  Treat them well, be understanding and wish them well.  Tell them how valuable they have been and that they are not replaceable.  Go overboard with a farewell party and gifts.  Also give the person a great reference letter…if they deserve it. This kind of treatment does not “burn bridges.” The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence although it usually is not.

Regular Follow-Up

Put the person on your data base.  Keep in contact on a regular basis and keep them in the loop as to what’s going on.  Assist the person where you can.

Let Them Know They Are Missed

Tell them they are missed by everyone, and that they were of great value.

Invite Them To Reconsider

Most people that resign and go elsewhere are usually too proud to admit they are not happy with the new position.  Let them know that you and the team would welcome them back at any time and ask them not to be too proud about coming back if they want to. I regained a good person a year and a half later after he left. I was very happy to have him back and 4 years later he is still with me.

Introduce New Positive Changes

Most people leave for a reason. If you’ve made positive changes that they would appreciate then let them know about the changes.

VIP Treatment

Continue to include them in VIP Functions and as part of the VIP Treatment that you give important clients and associations especially if you really would like them back.

Humility / Apologize

If an apology is necessary … apologize. Good people often leave because their feelings were hurt or they were not handled properly. Apologize if it is appropriate.  You’ll be a “bigger person” because of it.

I think you can see the importance of the regain strategies, tactics and actions. Make a list of your past team members who have left and make a plan to regain some of these people. It is never too late!

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Bill Gibson is a Canadian who is living in South Africa. Bill has spoken to over 1 million people worldwide. He is an international speaker and author and a developer of sales, service, marketing, collecting, employee morale building, personal development and entrepreneurial training programs and systems. His blog is www.bill-gibson.com and his website is www.kbitraining.com. He can be reached at bill@kbitraining.com or phone +27-11-784-1720 in South Africa. You can follow Bill Gibson on Twitter: @billgibson1, connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gibsonbill or Knowledge Brokers International SA Pty Ltd Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/knowledgebrokers?ref=hl

Bill regularly runs public seminars and workshops on the topic of Boosting Sales And Profits In Any Economy. He also conducts In-House Training Programs and is a popular Keynote Speaker. Companies can also obtain a license to have their own management and trainers conduct In-House Training with Bill’s programs and systems.

To help you get to know Bill better, we have included a 52 minute podcast link with Bill on Timothy Maurice Webster’s UnBranded show on Cliffcentral.com that was recorded on the 26th of January 2016. http://cliffcentral.com/unbranded/unbranded-powerful-personal-brand/. You may want to play this at a sales meeting or a staff meeting and have a discussion with your team about what was of value and ideas that could be implemented.

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