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How To Gain Top Performers Into Your Organization


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  • Date Added: 11 May 2016


Just like you want your salespeople to have a continual prospect list that they frequently work with, it is just as important that you as a Manager always have a certain number of A, AA, and AAA Potential Top Producers in your A Gain Column (Prospect List). That way you are not caught short when someone leaves. 90% Preparation 10% Perspiration. Put these potential top producers on a data base and begin to build a relationship.  In the beginning they don’t need to know they are on your list. That way you can change your mind without hurting the relationship.  You can hire and dismiss them without them even knowing they were hired or dismissed. I have done this many times!

Gain Description

  • This would be someone who has never worked with us.
  • Most probably there is little or no relationship with this potential top producer and we have to move the potential employee into the “Attraction” Stage and on into the “Exploration” Stage and possibly into the “Development” Stage of the relationship.
  • Because of the business potential this person could bring we recognise that it is worth a significant effort to try and gain them as a team member. Therefore the potential team member goes on our Gain potential team member list.

Gain Strategies / Tactics / Actions

Set The Criteria:

Know what an “AAA, AA, A” Salesperson or other key person would look like.

E.g.           Age 28 – 40 years of age

Owned their own business.

Proven track record.

Can deal with top executives and professionals.


Excellent presenter to groups.

Etc., etc.

Utilize Your Network For Introductions:

Let your network know the kind of person you are looking for. Have your network introduce you or give you good referrals.  They won’t normally introduce or send you to anyone that isn’t credible.

Be Seen Where These Potential Prospects Are Present:

Once you know what your Ideal salesperson or key person looks like identify the type of associations, organizations, events and establishments these people would frequent. Launch a “Be Seen” program so that you meet these people.

Utilise Frequency Of Contact And Be Of Real Help:

With these potential Salespeople/Key Persons you will usually be at the Attraction, Exploration and Development Stage so it will require frequency of contact and value adding time to develop the relationship.  Have a system of follow-up and pre-planned things you can do to add genuine help and assistance in their life.

Utilise Your Network For Introductions And Referrals:

Your best network contacts are clients and associates you are at the Commitment and Unity Stage with. Draw on these people for introductions and referrals. They can help accelerate the relationship development because of their credibility with the potential employee they refer you to. Be sure to keep your network contact in the loop as to the results you’ve had with the person they referred you to and always thank them.

Continual Prospecting:

To Gain business you need to continually prospect. The potential salesperson etc. pipeline must be kept full.  Decide the number of potential salespeople or key persons you want to continually have on your GAIN list that you are continually contacting and building the relationship with.

Be A Professional At Rapport Building:

Become a person that has mastered the Art of Rapport Building.  This is vital when attempting to gain good staff

Be Unique:

Know and show your own uniqueness and that of your organization and its products and services. At the Attraction and Exploration stage you need to display some uniqueness, special expertise and a different and valuable way of doing things to convince the person to want to consider joining you.

Treat Them As If They Are Already Part Of Your Team By Involving Them:

In one situation in South Africa one of my clients invited a potential executive to fly from Durban to Johannesburg and join them at a function with potential clients. It was the second function in a month.  By that time he was already feeling part of the team.

Make Them Part Of Your VIP Strategy:

If you decide you eventually want the person to join you, treat him / her as if she / he is a VIP client.  Do special things for that person and always remember “People Go Where They Are Invited…And Stay Where They Are Appreciated”

This is the end of my four articles on How To Regain, Develop, Regain and Gain Top Performers In Your Organization. I trust you have received tips and reminders you can use.

Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance to you or your organization.

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Bill Gibson is a Canadian who is living in South Africa. Bill has spoken to over 1 million people worldwide. He is an international speaker and author and a developer of sales, service, marketing, collecting, employee morale building, personal development and entrepreneurial training programs and systems. His blog is www.bill-gibson.com and his website is www.kbitraining.com. He can be reached at bill@kbitraining.com or phone +27-11-784-1720 in South Africa. You can follow Bill Gibson on Twitter: @billgibson1, connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gibsonbill or Knowledge Brokers International SA Pty Ltd Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/knowledgebrokers?ref=hl

Bill regularly runs public seminars and workshops on the topic of Boosting Sales And Profits In Any Economy. He also conducts In-House Training Programs and is a popular Keynote Speaker. Companies can also obtain a license to have their own management and trainers conduct In-House Training with Bill’s programs and systems.

To help you get to know Bill better, we have included a 52 minute podcast link with Bill on Timothy Maurice Webster’s UnBranded show on Cliffcentral.com that was recorded on the 26th of January 2016. http://cliffcentral.com/unbranded/unbranded-powerful-personal-brand/. You may want to play this at a sales meeting or a staff meeting and have a discussion with your team about what was of value and ideas that could be implemented.

Thank you.