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How To Develop Top Performers In Your Organization


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  • Date Added: 11 May 2016


The previous article was on the topic “How To Retain Top Performers In Your Organization.” This article is focused on the Develop strategies, tactics and actions that will help you develop top performers in your organization.

Develop Description

  • We are possibly receiving a small share of the potential business they could be writing or handling and there is lots of room for growth.
  • Relationships with this staff member would most likely be at the “Exploration” and “Development” Stage.
  • We need to dedicate a high level of energy and focus to help develop and grow the amount of business they could write or the amount of work they could handle efficiently.

This often applies to salespeople and key personnel that are new and you need to develop them or at least develop the relationship. You may also have people that have been with you for quite some time and you haven’t developed the relationship as far as you’d like.  Following are a few suggestions on the Develop strategies, tactics and actions.

Develop Strategies / Tactics / Actions

Personal Needs Analysis

Take the time to get to know their aspirations, goals, likes, dislikes and motivations.  That way you can help fulfil some of those for them. In other words do a personal needs analysis on them just like you would with an important Develop Client. Contact me at bill@kbitraining.com or phone +27-11-784-1720 and I will send you a sample.

Assist With Developing A Career Path

Someone you want to develop needs a career path.  Sit with them and design one.  They will feel part of the long term plan and the relationship will grow and the person will feel more inspired. In other words, do a personal needs analysis on them just like you would with an important Develop Client.

Add-on And Increase Responsibilities

To grow them and make them feel good about themselves you could add-on and increase their responsibilities at a speed they can handle.  Responsibility is one of the 5 main motivators according to Herzberg along with Recognition, Advancement, Achievement and the Work Itself.

Be Pro-active With Relationship Development And Sales Development Support

Focus on doing things that get you to the Commitment and Unity Stage of the relationship.  It is at those stages that a person will become loyal to you and go the distance.  You become more like associates or partners instead of boss and employee. The Five Stages of Relationship Development we utilise with clients also fits with staff:


1) Attraction 2) Exploration 3) Development 4) Commitment 5) Unity

Special Treatment

Give this person the kind of treatment you’d give AAA Retain Top Performers. Treat the person like a AAA Retain and they will usually become one. “Believe it and you will see it.”

Frequency Of Contact

Set up a Frequency of Contact plan and have regular one-to-one time with the person. There are the three types of time we all physiologically need. They are One to One Time, Group Time and Alone Time. As a manager it is important to give each of your people one to one time with you on a regular basis.

The next article I will write for RAW IT will be strategies, tactics and actions on How To Regain Top Performers In Your Organization.

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Bill Gibson is a Canadian who is living in South Africa. Bill has spoken to over 1 million people worldwide. He is an international speaker and author and a developer of sales, service, marketing, collecting, employee morale building, personal development and entrepreneurial training programs and systems. His blog is www.bill-gibson.com and his website is www.kbitraining.com. He can be reached at bill@kbitraining.com or phone +27-11-784-1720 in South Africa. You can follow Bill Gibson on Twitter: @billgibson1, connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gibsonbill or Knowledge Brokers International SA Pty Ltd Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/knowledgebrokers?ref=hl

Bill regularly runs public seminars and workshops on the topic of Boosting Sales And Profits In Any Economy. He also conducts In-House Training Programs and is a popular Keynote Speaker. Companies can also obtain a license to have their own management and trainers conduct In-House Training with Bill’s programs and systems.

To help you get to know Bill better, we have included a 52 minute podcast link with Bill on Timothy Maurice Webster’s UnBranded show on Cliffcentral.com that was recorded on the 26th of January 2016. http://cliffcentral.com/unbranded/unbranded-powerful-personal-brand/. You may want to play this at a sales meeting or a staff meeting and have a discussion with your team about what was of value and ideas that could be implemented.

Thank you.