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Elsa Van Den Berg

female (225 x 225)

Elsa Van Den Berg

Who I Am

I have built and expanded my experiences on a variety of platforms, from the Beauty Industry to Student Development, Education, Student Advisor and finally into IT Recruitment. I am a firm believer of learning new skills and learning about different sectors in the corporate environment to enable a more complex and wide-spread competency.

“Purpose” is my number one driving factor. If something does not have purpose or add value, I eliminate it from my everyday tasks. This is incorporated into my approach to life and how I live it as well.

My dad taught me from a very young age that if you do something in excellence the first time you then won’t need to do it over again. This has become the backbone of everything I do, especially if what I do will pass the hands or eyes of someone else. Excellence can always be improved and that kick-starts my whole approach to my work.

I love making real connections with people, being allowed a window into their lives and what they deal with. This gives me an understanding of what their needs are and why they make certain decisions. I love asking questions. This shows my interest in the person but also helps me find a connection.

Sport is my biggest learning platform in terms of my endurance and mind power. This is where I learn to “stick it out” and be my own motivator. Long runs tend to teach you a little something about yourself and what you do when things get tough. Do you fall out and think up excuses or do you dig deep and find reasons?

I am a team player although I can function 100% on my own. I believe my weaknesses can be someone else’s strengths and we learn a great deal from our peers.

My Skills

IT Recruitment
Career Advice